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Inquisition Lighted Objective Markers

Inquisition Lighted Objective Markers

Lite objective markers are designed to stand out among the rubble, with an LED lite custom base that illuminates your acrylic color choice. The base stands at 16mm in height and is 40mm wide. The bases are currently 3D printed in our shop and reflect the unique flaws that give the bases character. Once primed, painted, and modified to match your color scheme or terrain your presentation will be the center piece of every battle. With your order you get 6 lite bases and 6 acrylic markers. Pick your design and acrylic color and your ready to put your creativity to the test. These are made to order so please allow extra time for shipping. 

More option coming soon. 


Lite Base information:

Color: Black

Material: PLA 3D printed

Finish: Flawed with various imperfections

Dimensions: 16mm (H) x 40mm (W)

LED Color: White

Control: On and Off switch

Battery: CR2032



Color: Translucent Red, Green, Blue, and Orange

Design: Varies

Dimensions: 4mm thick x (H) varies x (W) various

Material: Acrylic


    If any product arrives damaged or not working we will issue a replacement as soon as possible with no cost to the buyer.

  • Shipping Information

    Products are shipped First Class United States Post. Most items are ready to ship within a 1-4 weeks and arrive in 1-3 days of being shipped in the US. S&H will be calculated at check out. International shipping is available.  Tax will be calculated as required at check out. 


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